Ways To Get Pregnant With A Boy – 7 Easy Techniques

Ways To Get Pregnant With A BoyThe various ways to get pregnant with a boy that can be found online aren’t always supported by scientific argument, so it’s worth to spend some additional time researching this topic if you want to find out how to conceive a baby boy naturally.

Usually, women trying to determine their baby’s gender naturally rely only on certain positions and ovulation prediction kits, but foods and herbal products can be just as useful as these solutions. Also, lifestyle changes can be helpful, especially when it comes to restoring the body’s internal equilibrium for supporting a pregnancy and boosting fertility.

Ways To Get Pregnant With A Boy: Massage

We’ll start our list of recommendations with one of the simplest methods that can be used for boosting the odds of having a male baby: massage. This enjoyable and relaxing technique can help in increasing the chances of conceiving a boy as it stimulates the traveling of the sperm cells towards the fallopian tubes.

As you probably know, once the ovule is released from the ovaries, it travels towards the uterus through some small tubes called fallopian tubes. The best ways to get pregnant with a boy are those that help male sperm reach the ovule before female sperm: this can be done by adopting a position that allows for deep penetration and then massaging the lower abdomen.

Tips For Getting Pregnant With A Boy: Seated Scissors Position


We mentioned that adopting the right position is helpful for determining your baby’s gender. But which are the most recommended positions for male baby conception and how to increase chances of conceiving a boy through this trick only?

The seated scissors is a good choice as it allows for deep penetration and gives you the chance to control the depth, while allowing your partner to place sperm nearer the ovaries and fallopian tubes. This way the lighter and faster male sperm cells can reach the ovules easier and fertilize them.

Surely, you can use variations of this position, but make sure to opt for those that involve a higher penetration depth, as otherwise the female sperm cells: which survive longer inside the vagina: can reach the eggs before the cells carrying the Y-chromosomes.

How To Increase Chances of Conceiving A Boy: The Shoulder Holder Position


Another very good position recommended to couples planning to have a baby boy is the shoulder holder. Just like the previously mentioned one, this position allows for deep penetration and quick stimulation, and it’s also very pleasant for the woman as she can reach orgasm faster.

Given that sperm cells are placed deeper inside the vagina, they can reach the ovules easier. To increase the chances of having a male baby with this position, you can use a lubricant that thins the mucus, as this way the male sperm cells will be more likely to meet the egg and fertilize it, leading to the conception of a baby boy.

Planning To Have A Baby Boy? Try Dong Quai


Dong quai is one of the best tips for getting pregnant with a boy that you will find in the Chinese traditional medicine system. Asian medicine is known for the importance it gives to plants and herbs, so if you’re into natural remedies and solutions, this plant is definitely for you.

Dong quai restores fertility, enhances the functioning of the reproductive system and helps in the removal of toxins, making it easier to get pregnant. Also, it solves blood stagnation problems, helping in regulating the menstruation.

This way you can approximate your ovulation date better and you can schedule your intimate contacts to increase the odds of having a male baby.

How To Have A Baby Boy With Frankincise

Frankincise is not very well known in western countries but in Asian medicine, especially in the Chinese medicine system, this is one of the plants widely used in one’s diet for conceiving a boy. The plant regulates the menstruation and restores the normal hormonal balance of the female organism, supporting pregnancy.

Also, it improves the absorption of nutrients and as it already have been proven, women who eat more calories and get more nutrients from their daily menus, are more likely to conceive male babies. Male sperm, being more fragile, requires a better nourished environment, so this plant can be very useful.

Diet For Conceiving A Boy: No Spices

Talking about your diet to conceive a baby boy, spices should be consumed in very low amounts or avoided, as they increase the acidity of the internal environment, which is not desirable when trying to have a baby boy, as the cells carrying the Y-chromosomes have a hard time surviving in acid environments.

Also, citrus fruits: except for lemons: should be consumed in low amounts, due to the same reason. So if you want to boost the odds of having a male baby, make sure to reduce consumption of spicy foods and to opt for lean meat, fresh fruits, veggies and legumes as well as seeds and nuts, as these are better alternatives for the fragile male sperm cells.

How To Conceive A Baby Boy With Red Peony Root

Red peony root can also be added on the list of tips for having a boy, as it’s one of the best natural products that can be used for boosting fertility, cleansing the body from debris and toxins that could interfere with pregnancy as well as for regulating the body temperature.

Red peony root can be used in supplement form or in home prepared teas, both these ways to get pregnant with a boy being recommended and free of risks for you. The plant regulates menstruation and improves the functioning of the reproductive system, helping the male sperm reach the ovules easier.

It’s proven that for having girls, a lower temperature is preferred, while for boys it’s preferable for the body temperature to be higher. Women with circulatory problems can greatly benefit from this tip as they can simply increase their body temperature by taking a hot shower before having intimate contact.