Tips To Conceive A Boy Baby – 7 Effecive Ways

Tips To Conceive A Boy BabyThe simplest and easiest to apply tips to conceive a boy baby are those referring to home and natural solutions for determining the baby’s gender, from diet to positions a couple should adopt when having intimate contact.

Unlike medical solutions, which are often very expensive and quite likely to generate side effects, natural strategies and ways to conceive a boy are more affordable and usually involve only some dietary changes or paying attention to some specific changes taking place inside the woman’s body.

Tips To Conceive A Boy Baby: Position Your Pelvis Correctly


An easy to apply trick for increasing your chances to have a male baby, if you’re looking for tips on how to conceive a baby boy, is to place a small pillow under your pelvic area right after having intimate contact with your partner, as it’s though this helps sperm travel towards the ovaries easier.

According to some studies, women who apply this strategy and lie with a pillow under their hips for 15-20 minutes after sex, have higher chances of giving birth to baby boys. Although there aren’t any scientific proofs to sustain this theory, it’s still a free method to try, so why not apply it if there’s chance for this to increase the odds of conceiving a boy?

How To Conceive A Boy Naturally By Avoiding Stress

Although most tips to conceive a boy baby refer to foods one should eat or to positions to adopt when having intimate relationships, studies show these aren’t the only factors that can influence the baby’s gender. According to scientists, the father’s occupation can also influence the sex of the future baby.

Men working in stressful environments or in areas that are very exposed to pollutants are more likely to have baby girls, statistics show. Although there isn’t a direct link between the men’s job and the baby’s gender, some small-scale studies showed men working as drivers, technicians in large factories as well as pilots and flour mill workers usually have girls and not boys.

Best Time To Get Pregnant With A Boy Reported To Ovulation

Having intimate relationships around the ovulation date is the surest way to conceive, but if you want to determine your baby’s gender and enhance your chances of getting pregnant with a male baby, you should know that the best time to have intercourse is no earlier than 24 hours before ovulation and no later than 12 hours after ovulation.

These intervals aren’t chosen randomly: they’re determined by the lifespan of male sperm, which lives for a shorter time inside the woman’s reproductive tract compared to female sperm.

Tricks To Conceive A Boy By Testing Your pH

Your body has a specific pH, which can be influenced by ailments, foods and genetic particularities. Most people have a more acidic internal environment due to their dietary habits, but it is known male sperm survives better in an alkaline environment. Obviously, knowing how acidic or alkaline your body and especially your reproductive tract is, is extremely useful when trying to get pregnant with a baby boy.

But how can one determine their pH? The easiest way is to get a pH testing kit, which is found in nutrition stores and pharmacies and is extremely easy to use. The pH should be tested before douches and before starting a diet for alkalizing the internal environment.

Ways To Conceive A Boy By Managing Stress Levels

Although there aren’t enough scientific proofs to sustain this theory, statistics show male babies are more likely to be conceived in times of increased stress, compared to baby girls. According to studies, in times of war for example, a couple is more likely to give birth to baby boys than to girls.

Stress levels affect the quality and composition of ovules, making the eggs easier to penetrate for male sperm. Thus, higher stress levels in women increase the chances of getting pregnant with a baby boy. Also, situations that boost cortisol and testosterone levels favor the conception of baby boys.

Positions To Conceive A Boy: Rear Entry


While most tips to conceive a boy baby refer to foods to eat and things to do to change the pH of the internal environment and create a more appropriate one for the Y chromosomes, the position adopted while having intercourse also counts, as it’s known male sperm swims faster than female sperm.

These cells are lighter and more fragile so they need to be placed closer to the ovaries in order to have a greater chance to fertilize the eggs before the sperm carrying the X chromosomes. The rear entry position allows for deeper penetration so it’s one of the best for enhancing the odds of getting pregnant with a male baby.

Tips To Conceive A Boy Baby By Adding Gelatin To Foods

Last on our list of recommendations for increasing your chances of conceiving a boy is the tip referring to natural ways of boosting testosterone levels and building muscles. It’s thought that the higher testosterone levels and the more developed muscle mass are, the higher the chances of having a male baby are. Thus, if you want to make sure you get pregnant with a boy and not with a girl, you should pay attention to your diet and include gelatin in your daily menu.

As strange as it sounds, gelatin does help in conceiving a boy as it provides large amounts of amino acids and improves digestion of foods and implicitly absorption of nutrients. A better nourished internal environment is more likely to sustain the conception of a baby boy, as male sperm, as said, is more fragile than female one, and needs more nutrients to result in a healthy pregnancy.

If you want to enhance your chances of getting pregnant with a baby boy, start applying these simple tips to conceive a boy baby. Unlike medical solutions, these are more accessible, less costly and free of adverse reactions, so why not give them a chance?