Positions To Have A Baby Boy – 7 Effective Tricks

Positions To Have A Baby Boy

Whether you’re looking for positions to have a baby boy or you’re interested more in the diet you should adopt for increasing the odds of having a male baby, you should keep in mind that a more complex approach, mixing both positions to get a baby boy and foods or dietary supplements is more likely to lead to male baby conception.

Chances are always 50/50 when it comes to getting pregnant with a boy or a girl, so for increasing the probability of having a male baby it’s recommended to mix the available solutions and apply more of the techniques known to create an internal environment that’s able to support the survival and traveling of male sperm towards the ovule.


Positions To Have A Baby Boy: The Crab On Its Back

Despite its funny name, this is one of the most effective intercourse positions to have a baby boy, as it allows for deep penetration while ensuring a good facial contact between partners.

It’s a position included in the renowned Kama Sutra so even if you don’t manage to conceive a baby boy by simply practicing this, you’ll surely enjoy the process.

The woman lies on her back on the edge of the bed, with her buttocks placed near the bottom corner, while the man stands in front of her or bends over her, for easier penetration.

The woman’s legs are bent and open, and she can wrap her feet around the partner’s body for controlling the depth of penetration.


Positions To Conceive Baby Boy: Spread Eagle


This is a variation of the missionary position, but it’s a very good choice for women looking for positions to get a baby boy.

The woman lies on her stomach with legs spread far apart, allowing the man to penetrate her.

For a more comfortable position, a pillow can be placed under her hips.

The man can hold the woman’s thighs for a better control of the penetration depth and of the peace.

Due to the angle involved by this position, it’s easier for the man to deposit the sperm nearer to the cervix and thus increase the chances for male baby conception.


Positions To Get A Baby Boy: Horizontal Ones


When it comes to finding the best positions to conceive baby boy, perhaps a little more important than the position itself is the rule that says that the woman should stay horizontal right after intercourse, as this allows for the male sperm to reach the cervix faster than female sperm, which is bigger and travels more slowly.

Also, it’s recommended to adopt positions that involve rear entry or in which the man stands up, and although there’s no scientific argument for this, it’s thought that positions that focus on male’s pleasure are more likely to lead to the conception of baby boys.


How To Conceive A Boy Naturally With Evening Primrose Oil


Evening primerose oil is a very good dietary supplement for women wondering how to conceive a boy naturally, as it increases the production of mucus inside the vagina and ensures a more slippery environment, in which the fragile but rapid male sperm can swim faster.

This increases the chances for male sperm to reach the ovules before the female sperm, so if you’re searching for natural solutions to conceiving baby boys, you should try adding this natural supplement to your diet.

Also, you can use the essential oil to massage your abdominal area after intercourse, as the ingredients can easily penetrate the skin and reach into the blood stream, where they can exert their effects.


How To Have A Baby Boy By Eating More Currants


Just like other fruits in the berries category, currants are very good choices for women wondering how to get pregnant with a boy as they’re loaded with antioxidant ingredients that fight against bacteria and prevent the spreading of these pathogens and potential infections.

As known, bacteria overgrowth can cause increased acidity in the body, and male sperm doesn’t survive for too long in acid environments.

Fortunately, currants have a pH of 8, which is alkaline and thus can restore the body’s balance, helping in the conception of male babies.

You can add currants to your menu on a daily basis and eat them alone or in combination with other berries and dates, these fruits working very well in restoring fertility and improving the cardiovascular function at the same time.


How To Get A Baby Boy With Grapes


Grapes are rich in antioxidants and provide high amounts of vitamin C, A and B, all of them listed among the most important nutrients for increasing the odds of male baby conception.

It’s therefore recommended for you to eat more of these fruits if you’re searching for solutions on how to get a baby boy.

Besides providing these fertility-enhancing nutrients, grapes are alkalizing for the body, having a pH of 8.5, so this is another very good reason to incorporate these fruits in your menu more often.

The male sperm survives better in alkaline environments, so make sure to eat fresh grapes or other fruits providing the same nutrients, such as plums, raisins or pineapples, on a regular basis.


How To Get Pregnant With A Boy By Eating Watermelon


Watermelon is recommended to women trying to find out how to have a baby boy due to its high content of beta-carotene, vitamin C and lycopene, ingredients that can balance the levels of female hormones inside the organism.

Moreover, watermelon has a pH of 9, which is very alkaline therefore favors the survival of male sperm over female sperm inside the reproductive tract.

So if you’re searching for food alternatives to the recommended positions to have a baby boy or want to know how to approach this problem from a more complex perspective, try eating watermelon more often.

By adopting the proposed positions and eating more of the recommended foods, you can increase the odds of having a male baby, as these solutions work together in preparing the internal environment for the fertilization of the eggs by male sperm.