Positions To Conceive A Boy – 7 Simple Ways To Get a Son

Positions To Conceive A BoyAs pleasant and enjoyable as it can be, searching for and testing new positions to conceive a boy is never enough for being 100% sure that you’ll get pregnant with a male baby. Although these positions do influence the traveling of sperm cells towards the ovules, it’s better to use a more complex approach and to search for an ovulation calculator to conceive a boy as well.

Then, you should search for products that are natural and rich in ingredients known to favor the conception of male babies, such as foods rich in potassium, zinc, sodium, and vitamin C and E. Also, you should try to do some lifestyle changes and give up those habits that could affect the health of your reproductive system and impair your fertility, lowering the chances of having a male baby.

Positions To Conceive Baby Boy: Downward Dog


We’ll start our list of recommendations for women looking for positions to conceive a boy with the downward dog, much appreciated by men and women alike for the deep penetration it allows. The woman can control the depth and the partner can stimulate her while keeping a steady pace.

This position not only allows for your partner to place sperm nearer to the ovaries but also intensifies the vaginal pleasure, making it easier for the woman to have an orgasm. And while it’s not recommended to do so when trying to get pregnant with female baby, for male baby conception it’s actually great to have orgasm as this pushes sperm towards the fallopian tubes faster.

Positions To Get Pregnant With A Boy: Switch To Kitchen


What other positions to get pregnant with a boy can you adopt, besides the classical missionary and woman on top? Well if you don’t like the downward dog, you can always spice up your relationship by giving the bedroom for the kitchen.

The kitchen confidential position allows for deep penetration and your partner can stimulate you, while you can control the depth. This position is ideal for a quick intimate contact, which is also considered more effective for male baby conception. Girls, on the other hand, are more likely to be conceived during romantic love making sessions, statistics show.

Positions To Have A Baby Boy: The Bicycle


Don’t worry if you’re not the most imaginative person and you lack ideas regarding the most effective, new positions to have a baby boy you and your partner can try for increasing the odds of getting pregnant with a boy.

The bicycle can always be a good solution as, just like the previously mentioned ones, it allows for your partner to place sperm deeper in the vagina, and this way, the fragile but faster male sperm cells can reach the ovule before the more resistant, but larger and heavier female sperm cells.

You can alternate the pace and use variations of this position, or move to the spoon and then come back to the bicycle for more fun.

How To Produce A Boy Baby By Eating Avocado And Papaya


Let’s move on with our list of tips on how to produce a boy baby and see some foods that can boost the chances of conceiving a male baby. Avocado should definitely be on this list as even if it’s quite rich in fats, these fats are healthy and actually recommended for enhancing fertility and creating a better nourished internal environment.

You can either eat it as it is, raw, in salads and smoothies, or use it in cooked delights. And to boost the odds of having a boy, add papaya as well. This fruit has been proven by scientists to support the fertilization of the egg by male sperm cells, so it’s surely a good pick for couples who want to have a boy baby.

Both these fruits are excellent sources of minerals and vitamins, so even if you and your partner don’t manage to conceive, take the good part of the situation: you’ll both have a stronger immune system, a healthier digestive and reproductive system and you’ll enjoy delicious meals together.

How To Become Pregnant With A Boy With Calabash


Calabash is not the most renowned fertility enhancing food but it’s definitely an option you should take into consideration if you’re wondering how to become pregnant with a boy. This food provides enough minerals and vitamins in only 70 grams per day to completely boost your chances of having a male baby, as studies have indicated.

The calabash seeds can be mixed with rice and cinnamon in a fulfilling, delicious meal that will increase the odds of having a male baby by working directly on the internal environment of your body. However, not that for the best results, you must consume calabash for at least 2-3 months, as major changes in your body can’t really occur fast than that.

How To Conceive A Boy Naturally By Eating Rice


Eating rice can also be helpful for increasing the odds of conceiving a boy, so women and men wanting to know how to conceive a boy naturally should add this grain in their weekly menu. Rice, especially wild and brown one, is excellent for its content of carbohydrates that provide energy without adding excess pounds to one’s silhouette.

You can consume rice cooked in water, with lemon juice, cooked in milk, in coconut milk and topped with fruits preserves, chocolate syrup or fresh, chopped strawberries. Avoid white rice as it’s more likely to turn the pH of your bodily fluids and membranes into a more acidic one.

Wild rice, japonica rice and brown rice on the other hand are alkaline and thus will create an internal environment that’s favorable for male baby conception.

Penetration Control For Positions To Get A Baby Boy


We’ve reached the end of our list of positions to conceive a boy and recommendations regarding some foods that can help you select your baby’s gender naturally. Here’s one more tip though: regardless of the positions to get a baby boy you opt for, keep in mind that the most important aspect is the depth and control of penetration.

Male sperm and female sperm have, in a healthy and well balanced body, pretty much the same chances of fertilizing’ the egg, if you have intimate contact 1-2 days before ovulation for example. But if you choose a position that’s deeper and places sperm near the ovaries and fallopian tubes, the male sperm cells, which are faster, will reach the ovules faster.