Ovulation Calculator To Conceive A Boy – 7 Powerful Tricks

Ovulation Calculator To Conceive A BoyOne of the best tools when it comes to determining your baby’s gender is the ovulation calculator.
To conceive a boy
using this tool, all you need to do is insert your menstruation dates and let the calculator identify your most fertile days for you.

Most of the calculators found online are trustful and pretty exact, so if you have regulate menstrual cycles and you know around which day your period comes usually, it should be quite easy for you to identify the day when your ovule is released inside the fallopian tubes.

Still, keep in mind that, positions to conceive a boy, as well as lifestyle changes and natural products, foods and herbs, can also have a great impact on your chances to get pregnant with a male baby.

Ovulation Calculator To Conceive A Boy: Working Or Not?

Adopting the most effective positions for getting pregnant with a boy can help you conceive a male baby, but it might not be enough, so it’s good to try with a more complex approach and apply more solutions at a time.

One of the methods known as the most precise is the ovulation method or the technique that involves tracking your ovulation date and period. You can use online tools as said or simply write down in your agenda these days, on a monthly basis, and try to identify the pattern they follow.

Based on that chart you can then approximate your next ovulation quite precisely and can schedule your intimate contacts so that when the egg is released, only the male sperm cells are inside your reproductive tract. ‘

Positions For Getting Pregnant With A Boy: On The Countertop


The countertop position is excellent for male baby conception as it allows for deep penetration and stimulation, and allows you to control the pace. So if you’re searching for new positions to get a baby boy, this one is surely a must try.

To increase the odds of having a male baby even more, you can alternate this position with other ones that allow for your partner to place sperm nearer to the ovaries and fallopian tubes, and farther from the vaginal entry. The missionary and woman on top are great as well for couples trying to have baby boys.

How Can I Have A Baby Boy By Increasing Coffee Intake?


The ovulation calculator to conceive a boy and the previously mentioned positions aren’t the only solutions women wondering how to become pregnant with a boy can try. In fact, there are numerous tricks to conceive a boy, one of them referring to coffee intake.

Scientists have shown that adding one extra cup of coffee to your daily routine can increase the chances of having a male baby, especially if the beverage is served before having intercourse. Your partner should also increase the intake as coffee stimulates circulation in the intimate area, making ejaculation more powerful and pushing the sperm inside the vagina a little bit farther.

How To Become Pregnant With A Boy By Eating Fish


Eating more fish can help you conceive a male boy, as long as it is low in mercury and other harmful ingredients, as these impair fertility in women and men alike.

Unfortunately, lots of the assortments found in markets provide more mercury than omega-3 and zinc, the minerals that recommend fish as a great alternative for women looking for tips to get pregnant with a boy.

It’s thus recommended to opt for salmon, shellfish and other species of fish that are low in mercury and limit the intake of tuna steak, swordfish, mackerel or tilefish, as these can affect your fertility in the long run.

Tricks To Conceive A Boy: Eat More Oysters


If you’ve tried several tips on determining your baby’s gender but you’re still asking yourself ‘how can I have a baby boy’, it’s time to do some more changes in your diet and lifestyle. Just like the previously mentioned fish species, oysters are very rich in zinc, which is needed for stimulating the production of sperm and testosterone in your partner’s body.

Your partner should consume oysters as often as possible, as this way male sperm will be more powerful and more likely to travel towards the egg before female sperm cells. Oysters can successfully replace nuts, dairy, beans, poultry and eggs, which are other sources of zinc, and it’s a more exotic alternative which is also considered a natural aphrodisiac.

Tips To Conceive A Boy: Eat More Pomegranate


Pomegranate should also be added to your daily or weekly menu if you’re searching for more affordable solutions to getting pregnant with a male baby and don’t want to rely only on an ovulation calculator to conceive a boy.
This fruit improves the sperm count and quality of sperm, helping the tiny cells travel easier inside the vagina and also making it more likely for your partner to send the cells carrying the Y chromosomes closer to the ovaries and fallopian tubes when ejaculating.

This is important as female sperm is larger and more resistant than male sperm, which has the advantage of swimming faster inside the reproductive tract. So when sperm cells are placed closer to the ovaries, male sperm can reach the ovule before the female cells.

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy By Avoiding Junk Foods


One more tip for those of you interested in increasing your chances of having a male baby naturally, by using only herbs, foods and simple lifestyle changes. You may love junk foods and they may be time savers for busy couples, but they’re definitely not a good pick if you’re planning to have a boy.

In fact, it’s recommended that besides choosing nourishing foods and especially products rich in potassium and sodium, to pay a lot of attention to the junk foods that are known to lower the sperm count and to affect the fertile function in the long run.

Such foods are those very rich in sodium, in unhealthy oils and fats, those with high contents of sugar, fried foods, canned products and foods that are highly processed. All these should be replaced with homemade meals, as often as possible.

Fruits and veggies, lean meat, low fat dairy products, nuts and seeds as well as grains and healthy beverages: water, tea, milk and coffee: should be part of your male baby conception diet, but not junk products.