How To Make A Baby Boy – 7 Simple Methods

How To Make A Baby BoyFinding the best solution to how to make a baby boy is easier when you have some knowledge on how the female body works and how the eggs get fertilized by female or male sperm. However, some people aren’t really into scientific methods and medical theories so they prefer using home and natural products or methods, such as various foods or plants for example.

Whether you’re among those persons looking for solutions on how to conceive a boy naturally or among those individuals searching for the most accessible scientific ways to increase your chances of giving birth to a male baby, you should check the tips and suggestions below.

How To Make A Baby Boy By Having Frequent Sex

Perhaps the most accessible and exciting solution to how to make a baby boy with no medical help is having sex as often as possible. So, if your relationship isn’t exactly exciting at this point, you should try to spice it up and have intimate contact more frequently as frequent sex gives male sperm more chances of reaching the fertile egg.

Male sperm have shorter tails and smaller heads thus they swim faster through the not so hospitable cervical mucus. If you have sex more often, male sperm is more likely to reach inside the vagina around the ovulation date and to fertilize the egg.

How To Conceive A Boy Naturally By Limiting Alcohol Intake


Increasing the odds of conceiving a baby boy involves not only looking for foods to show you how to make a baby boy but also for those foods or beverages that can decrease the chances of giving birth to a male baby.

A good example of products that considerably lower the chances of conceiving a baby is represented by alcoholic beverages. These increase the production of female hormones, thus lower the amount of male hormones and the sperm count as well.

Moreover, some studies suggest alcohol can affect the sperm-producing cells located in testicles so it’s obvious that by drinking alcoholic beverages frequently, chances of conceiving a male baby are lowered.

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy By Having Unplanned Sex

Although this theory is not supported by scientific proofs, there are numerous studies showing a cause-effect link between unplanned, unromantic sex and conception of male babies. Lots of women claim they conceived their baby boys in random weeknights, without tracking ovulation, basal body temperature or paying attention to changes in cervical mucus.

Basically, what these women say chances of giving birth to a male baby are higher when you have intercourse without candles, romance and a long prelude. So if you’re looking for ways and suggestions on how to make a baby boy, you should have more unplanned and unromantic sex in random days.

Ways To Conceive A Boy With Cough Syrup


As strange as this may sound, there are lots of women who claim they conceived a baby boy after using cough syrup a couple of hours before having intimate relationship. Apparently, this theory does have some scientific arguments behind it.

Cough syrup works by thinning cervical mucus as well as mucus in the respiratory tract. It’s well known and proven that the fragile male sperm travels easier through thinner mucus so by using this syrup during certain days one can considerably increase their chances of giving birth to a boy as internal environment becomes more hospitable for male sperm.

How To Make A Boy Baby By Tracking Basal Body Temperature

According to doctor Shettles, a great method for increasing the odds of making a baby boy is tracking the basal body temperature or more specifically paying attention to any change that occurs in your body temperature during the monthly cycle.

It’s known that having intimate contact near the ovulation date is more likely to lead to the conception of a male baby than a female one, so charting temperature is very useful for knowing when ovulation approaches. If you want to use this method you only need to purchase a thermometer and to keep track of your basal temperature throughout the month.

You can also get a kit from a pharmacy as there are lots of accessible kits equipped with all the needed tools for charting ovulation and basal body temperature easily. This method is scientifically proven to be efficient so you should try it if you’re among those persons looking into how to make a baby boy.

Best Positions To Conceive A Boy: Standing Ones


One of the best positions to conceive a boy is the standing one, as this allows the male to have control. Besides allowing for deep penetration, this position also makes the man the one who dominates and it’s thought such positions are more likely to increase the odds of having male babies.

You can also use variations, as long as your pelvis remains in the upright position, as female sperm is heavier and swims slower than male one. So when it comes to fertilizing an egg after swimming against gravity, it’s obvious that a standing position is better for those looking for ways to conceive a boy.

How To Make A Baby Boy By Giving Up Smoking


Giving up smoking also increases the chances of giving birth to a baby boy as it is known chemicals in cigarettes affect not only the sperm count but also the motility of sperm cells, making them less mobile and therefore less likely to reach the fertile egg and give birth to babies.

Giving that male sperm is even more fragile than female one, is easy to understand why smoking kills sperm carrying the Y chromosome faster than female sperm. So an easy to apply solution for enhancing the chances of having a boy is to avoid smoking as well as exposure to chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

Both the male and female should avoid such substances as a healthier reproductive tract is more likely to favor the conception of a baby than an internal environment that’s altered by chemicals and toxins in cigars.