How To Have A Boy Baby – 7 Guaranteed Tricks

How To Have A Boy BabyFinding out how to have a boy baby without relying on medical treatments for determining your baby’s gender is not as hard as it seems, as once you get familiar with some of the methods that have been proven to work, half of the problem is already solved.

There are several ways to have a baby boy and some of them only involve plants, herbs or foods. Surely, you can’t be 100% percent you’ll have a male baby if you try out only one of these solutions, but mixing methods and opting for several of the suggestions below can considerably increase the odds of having a baby boy.

How To Have A Boy Baby By Having Intercourse More Frequently

A very pleasant way to increase your chances of having a male baby, if you’re wondering how to get pregnant with a boy baby, is to increase the frequency of your intimate contacts, as this way male sperm has greater chances to fertilize the egg.

The fragile sperm cells carrying the Y chromosomes are faster than female sperm cells so when you have intercourse more frequently, male sperm is more likely to get inside the fallopian tubes and meet with the ovules.

Diet To Have A Boy Baby: Poor In Alcohol


Although paying attention to your diet is important for conceiving a baby boy, you should also know that the beverages you have daily can influence the baby’s gender. Just like foods, beverages provide your body with natural and chemical ingredients that can impact the pH of bodily fluids and membranes.

Scientists have shown that women who want to know how to have a boy baby should reduce the intake of alcohol and opt for alkaline beverages, as this way the pH of their reproductive tract will become friendlier to male sperm.

Alcohol contains ingredients that stimulates the production of female hormones inside the woman’s body and has the same effects on men, so you and your partner should consume alcohol less often or avoid it completely if you’re planning to conceive a male baby.

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy Baby By Having Unplanned Intercourse

Besides adopting a diet to have a boy baby, you should also pay attention to the position when having intercourse. This is something well known, but how about unplanned intimate contacts? Again, statistics show women who have unplanned intercourse are more likely to give birth to baby boys, although there aren’t scientific arguments to support this theory.

It’s still worth giving it a try, as lots of women claim they managed to get pregnant with male babies when having sex in random weeknights and without planning it or without tracking their ovulation and basal body temperature.

Tips For Getting A Baby Boy: Take Cough Syrup


How to try for a baby boy if you don’t want to invest in expensive medical treatments and don’t want to take medicines that could have unpleasant side effects for your organism? You could try to add a few drops of cough syrup to your daily routine, as statistics show women using this trick are more likely to have baby boys.

While there aren’t many scientific proves for this, it seems that certain ingredients in syrup thin the cervical mucus and make it friendlier to male sperm. The fragile cells can travel easier when the mucus is thinner, so they can reach the ovule and fertilize it before the female sperm cells.

Using this syrup before having intimate contact can, therefore, increase the odds of having a male baby. Still, make sure not to use it excessively, as unless you pick a completely naturally syrup, the pharmaceutical principles in the product might alter your body’s internal environment.

How To Make A Boy Baby By Tracking Basal Body Temperature

Tips for getting a baby boy shouldn’t resume to foods and positions you can adopt while having intercourse, as studies have shown that paying attention to your basal body temperature can also increase the odds of having a male baby.

In fact, this is one of the most effective methods when used correctly, the renowned doctor Shettles promoting it in his book. By tracking basal body temperature you can correctly identify your most fertile days and if you have intercourse in those days, the male sperm is more likely to reach the ovule in time and fertilize it, leading to the conception of a boy.

How To Try For A Baby Boy: Standing Positions


If you’re wondering how to conceive a boy naturally by adopting the best positions in bed, the answer is: try the standing ones, as these allow for deep penetration and as we already said, for male baby conception it’s recommended for sperm to be placed near the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Surely, you can use whichever position you like as long as it allows for deep penetration: for variation you can try to have intimate contact in the shower, as this way you and your partner will enjoy the process a lot more. And even if you don’t manage to get pregnant with a boy, at least you enjoyed trying it.

How To Conceive A Boy Naturally By Quitting Smoking


Our last recommendation for women searching for natural tips on how to have a boy baby refers to lifestyle changes that need to be done for increasing the odds of having male babies: quitting smoking is one of the things that can help you achieve your goal.

Chemicals contained in cigarettes affect the sperm count and quality but also the motility of sperm cells, so male sperm cells, which are already more fragile and less likely to survive in a toxic environment, have very low chances to reach the ovule when their motility is altered.

So if you want a boy, you should give up this vice. In fact, you should quit smoking regardless of the desired baby’s gender, as smoking pretty much compromises your chances of getting pregnant. Your partner should avoid smoking as well, as it has the same effects on him.