How To Get Pregnant Fast With A Boy – 7 Powerful Ways

How To Get Pregnant Fast With A Boy

When looking for solutions on how to get pregnant fast with a boy, you should look not only for tips on positions or foods that are recommended for increasing the chances of having a male baby, but also for herbs and simple lifestyle changes that can help you select your baby’s gender naturally.

Also, keep in mind that the best time to get pregnant with a boy is when your body is perfectly balanced, when your hormonal levels are equilibrated and your internal environment is prepared to support a pregnancy, which means that your health state is proper.


How To Get Pregnant Fast With A Boy With Guaifenesin


Guaifenesin can be a solution for women wondering how to get pregnant fast with a boy as this supplement works by restoring the normal chemical environment inside your body and by making it more likely to get pregnant.

Guaifenesin works on the cervical mucus, changing its consistency and making it more slippery and thinner, so it makes it easier for the fragile cells carrying the Y-chromosomes to penetrate and travel towards the fallopian tubes in order to fertilize the egg.

So if you’re asking yourself ‘how can I have a baby boy?’ and have tried several solutions which failed, you should consider taking some guaifenesin supplements a few days before ovulation, to increase the odds of having a boy.

But make sure to check with your physician first.


Best Time To Get Pregnant With A Boy Naturally

Another great alternative you can use in order to see how to conceive a boy naturally is to have intercourse only 1-2 days before ovulation and during it, but avoid having intimate contact 3-4 days before your ovulation date as this usually favors the conception of female babies.

Besides scheduling your intimate contacts, you should also adopt a position known to favor the survival and fertilization of the egg by male sperm.

Those that allow for deeper penetration, such as the missionary, are the most recommended, as this way the faster but tinier cells can reach the ovule in time to lead to the conception of a male baby.


How To Conceive A Boy Naturally With This After-Sex Position

We’ll talk about the best foods and what to eat to conceive a boy, but right now let’s give one more suggestion on the best position for increasing the odds of having a male baby.

If the woman lies down on her back after having intimate contact, changes to get pregnant are bigger, and if the position involved a deeper penetration, sperm is more likely to be placed very near to the fallopian tubes.

This makes it a lot easier for male sperm cells to reach inside the fallopian tubes and meet the egg.

So keep this aspect in mind as well, the next time you and your partner decide to give it another try.


How Can I Have A Boy By Using The Maca Plant?


Now let’s see some natural solutions and plants that can be used for boosting your fertility and increasing the odds of having a male baby.

A very good choice if you’re wondering how to get pregnant with a baby boy is the maca plant, not very renowned in our country but an excellent hormone balancer.

This plant is known to restore fertility, to regulate menstruation, to enhance the functioning of the reproductive tract and increase the chances of having a baby.

Available in its raw form or as supplements, it can be used for preparing smoothies or can be added in cooked dishes.


Best Way To Get Pregnant With A Boy With Tribulus Terrestris


Tribulus terrestris is also a great option as it contains a series of ingredients that work inside your organism, regulating the hormonal levels and boosting the production of sex hormones.

This way your body becomes more likely to support a pregnancy, so make sure to add this plant on your list of what to eat to conceive a boy.

Your partner can also use it as it will stimulate the production of sex hormones and will increase the sperm count.

The more sperm cells are released inside your reproductive tract, the greater the chances of having a baby become.


How To Become Pregnant With A Boy With Folic Acid Supplements


Folic acid is usually known to support pregnancy and it’s a must for pregnant women who want to give birth to healthy babies.

If you’re curious how to become pregnant with a boy, you should start supplementing your diet with folic acid as it will prepare your reproductive tract for fertilization and for the development of the fertilized egg.

If you’re not into supplements and want to use this trick but get the folic acid from natural sources, add nuts, beans, peas, poultry, eggs, dairy products and seafood to your diet.

Juices made of fresh fruits, liver, grains, asparagus, yeast and spinach are also great sources of this nutrient that you can use if you’re among those women wondering how to get pregnant fast with a boy by relying on nature’s resources only.


How To Get Pregnant With A Boy By Eating More Red Meat


Finally, we encourage you to eat more red meat, as it’s a good choice for you and your partner if you’re searching for the best foods to conceive a male baby.

Still, avoid eating processed meat and try to opt for naturally cooked one, as this way you protect your body from the harmful chemicals that are often added to canned and preserved products.

Also, make sure not to eat too high amounts as meat tends to be acidic and will alter your pH when eaten excessively.

Remember, the best time to get pregnant with a boy is when your body is perfectly equilibrated as male sperm is fragile and needs a well-nourished environment and equilibrated hormonal levels, and this can also be achieved when your diet is proper and lifestyle is healthy.