How To Conceive A Boy Diet – 7 Natural Foods That Help

How To Conceive A Boy Diet

When it comes to finding a convenient solution to the best how to conceive a boy diet, lifestyle changes can make a huge difference as a well nourished body is more likely to give birth and to carry a pregnancy to term.

Male sperm and implicitly baby boys are more fragile thus they need a better nourished and more fertile reproductive tract, unlike female sperm which can survive in less friendly environments.

So if you’re looking into natural solutions and foods to eat to conceive a boy, you should take a look at the recommendations below and see what products you need to add to your daily menu.


Diet To Conceive A Boy Must Be Rich In Watermelons


Best foods to incorporate in your menu if you’re looking for ways to get pregnant with a boy are alkaline ones. Watermelons are great choices from this point of view as they provide a high amount of vitamins and minerals and they’re very efficient in making the reproductive tract more alkaline.

By doing so, they increase the odds of giving birth to a baby boy as female sperm has a harder time surviving in environments with an alkaline pH. Thus, if you’re wondering what foods to include in your how to conceive a boy diet, you can start with watermelons. Just make sure not to eat these fruits too cold, as this decreases the chances of getting pregnant.


How To Conceive A Boy Naturally With Raspberries


Raspberries are listed among the best fertility enhancers for women and they’re often used as natural remedies for females affected by the polycystic ovaries syndrome. These fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that enhance the fertility of the reproductive tract and keep it properly nourished thus ready for supporting a healthy pregnancy.

Also, they increase the production of cervical mucus thus make it easier for sperm to survive inside the vagina. Also, they favor the traveling of male and female sperm towards the ovules but given that male sperm swims faster, chances to conceive a baby boy are greater than odds to give birth to a baby girl.


Ways To Get Pregnant With A Boy By Eating Cauliflower


Cauliflower is a very good natural source of sodium, 100 grams of this food providing around 30 mg of this mineral. Just like potassium, sodium is known to sustain the traveling of male sperm through the cervical mucus, to favor the fertilization of the egg by sperm carrying the Y chromosome and to support the development of the baby.

To get the most from this natural resource, try to eat is boiled, sautéed or in raw smoothies. This way you’ll not only get a good amount of nutrients – minerals and vitamins – but you’ll also add an alkaline food to your daily menu. As previously said, alkaline foods are scientifically proven to increase the odds of conceiving a baby boy.


Foods To Eat To Conceive A Boy: Lettuce


Another product to add on your how to conceive a boy diet is lettuce. Just like the previously mentioned one, this food is very alkaline and contains a lot more nutrients when eaten raw than when cooked.

Incorporating lettuce in your daily diet to conceive a boy is a simple and efficient solution for alkalizing your internal environment and boost the chances of getting pregnant with a male baby. Just wash the lettuce and mix it with other green veggies or vegetables that are known to be alkaline.

Avoid mixing lettuce with dairy products and serve your salads without cheese as this makes the cervical mucus more acidic and decreases the chances of giving birth to a baby boy.


Diet To Conceive A Boy Rich In Pumpkins


Pumpkin and their seeds are among the most alkalizing foods thus they’re a must for anyone looking for solutions to how to make a baby boy. These foods provide high amounts of zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin K and manganese, creating a well nourished internal environment that can support the growth and development of a male baby.

More fragile than female sperm, male sperm needs a better nourished environment in order to survive and fertilize the egg. Also, it needs an alkaline environment and pumpkins meet all these requirements. Thus, if you want to make sure you’ll give birth to a boy, you should also add these products in your menu.


What To Eat To Conceive A Boy: Cabbage


Another food that should be part of your daily menu if you’re planning to conceive a male baby is cabbage. Although very poor in calories, this product is excellent for boosting fertility as it provides very high amounts of vitamin C and K, of potassium, folate, vitamin A, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B6.

All these minerals and vitamins work by making the reproductive tract and internal environment friendlier to male sperm, thus they increase the odds of giving birth to a baby boy. You can consume cabbage either raw – in salads or green smoothies – or cooked, mixed with red meat for a richer in calories and proteins dish.

Still, keep in mind that raw foods are richer in nutrients so if you want to make the most of your alkaline diet, cabbage should be consumed as it is, in fresh salads or homemade smoothies.


How To Conceive A Boy Diet: Eat More Broccoli


Just like cabbage, lettuce and other green vegetables, broccoli is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals that support the fertilization of eggs by male sperm. This food provides good amounts of calcium, iron and potassium, vitamins in the B family, vitamin C and A, zinc and sodium, increasing the odds of having a baby boy.

Very nourishing, broccoli can be consumed in green smoothies, in salads, sautéed, boiled, mixed with other vegetables or together with meat or fish-based dishes, which also provide good amounts of proteins thus make the internal environment richer in nutrients and more likely to favor the traveling of male sperm towards the eggs.

Unlike the female sperm which is stronger and survives better in poorly nourished environments, male sperm needs more nutrients and a diet richer in calories to survive and give birth to baby boys after fertilization takes place.