How To Conceive A Baby Boy Naturally – 7 Effective Tips

How To Conceive A Baby Boy NaturallySearching for solutions on how to conceive a baby boy naturally can be time consuming and not all of the recommendations available online are guaranteed to provide the claimed results. It’s therefore important to decide whether you want to rely only on natural solutions or if you’re ready to invest in more complex treatments in order to select your baby’s gender.

Fortunately, most women who adopt a complex approach to this problem, by mixing foods that promote male baby conception with the best positions and scientific techniques, actually manage to get pregnant with boys. So here are some ways to get pregnant with a boy without medical help!

How To Conceive A Baby Boy Naturally Using Blessed Thistle


Our first recommendation on how to conceive a baby boy naturally refers to blessed thistle, a renowned fertility boosting natural treatment and a very effective plant when it comes to increasing the odds of having a male baby.

Providing high amounts of potassium and sodium, blessed thistle helps by changing the internal pH and making the bodily fluids and the membrane lining the reproductive tract more alkaline and thus friendlier to male sperm cells.

The two micronutrients mentioned above are the most important ones for women wanting baby boys, so you can either use this natural solution or add in your diet more foods rich in sodium and potassium.

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy Fast By Paying Attention To Your Body

Simply watching for changes in your body’s monthly state can also help you in identifying the best days for conception.

Conceiving a boy naturally is a matter of science in the end, so you can select your baby’s gender if you know how to recognize those signs that show you’re near ovulation, as this way you can schedule intercourse to boost the chances of having a male baby.

Which are these changes?
Mainly, a different consistency, color and odor of the cervical mucus, breast tenderness similar to the one during menstrual cycle, as well as an increased basal body temperature; these can be tracked easily using online tools or the classical method, and can be of real use for determining your baby’s gender.

How To Conceive A Boy Baby By Eating Potatoes


Perhaps you never considered potatoes a potential natural remedy to various health issues but the truth is, at least for pregnancy, it can be a great ally.

So if you’re wondering how to get pregnant with a boy fast, you can try adding more potatoes to your daily diet: don’t remove the skin, it provides high amounts of nutrients that are needed for male baby conception, as they alkalinize the internal environment, preparing it for the egg fertilization.

Potatoes are rich in lots of minerals and vitamins but when eaten without skin they’re more acidic, so if you want to conceive a baby boy you need to eat the skins as well. Sweet potatoes are more alkaline so they’re the best option and you can always mix them with spinach, zucchini or squash in delicious fertility boosting dishes.

Things To Do To Conceive A Boy: Alkaline Douching

It may sound funny but there are even simplest things to do to conceive a boy: douching is one of them. If you want to increase the odds of having a boy baby, you can simply add some alkaline products in your douching water: this way the vaginal tract will become friendlier to male sperm and it will be a lot easier to get pregnant with a boy.

Although douching too often is not recommended as it can alter the bacterial balance of your body, if you have an internal douche with alkaline water before intercourse than your chances of having a boy will considerably increase.

Conceiving A Boy Naturally: The Spoon Position


Falling pregnant with a boy is easier when you know which are the best positions for male baby conception;
everybody knows the woman on top is great for this as it allows for deep penetration and thus sperm can be placed nearer to the ovules.

But this isn’t the only recommended position: the spoon is also great for this purpose as it also allows for your partner to place sperm deeper in the vagina and this way the male sperm cells, which are more lightweight and travel faster, can reach the eggs before the female sperm cells, leading to the conception of a baby boy.

How To Conceive A Baby Boy With Papaya


Papaya can help you increase your chances of having a baby boy as it contains omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and a lot of minerals and vitamins that can alkalinize your body, preparing it for supporting the survival and traveling of the male sperm cells towards the ovule.

So if you don’t want to use complicated tools and methods to determine the best time to get pregnant with a boy, you can simply add papaya on your diet on a daily basis and mix it with other citrus fruits that have the same effects.

You can use this fruit as it is or in salads, smoothies, even in more complex dishes, as it works very well as replacement for butter and creams. Still, keep in mind that it’s also rich in carbs, so it’s better to keep the intake moderate, in order to avoid putting on excess pounds.

Eating Quinoa Helps In Falling Pregnant With A Boy


One more tip for women looking for solutions on how to conceive a baby boy naturally : eating quinoa can help, thanks to the ingredients in this food, which work by lowering the acidity of the internal environment and thus increase the chances for male sperm cells to survive long enough for fertilizing the egg.

Quinoa is one of the best choices in its category as it provides fewer calories than rice or other grains and contains no less than 318 mg of potassium per 100 g. Also, it’s rich in calcium, sodium, iron and zinc, so it will improve your overall health as well.