Diet For Conceiving A Boy – 7 Foods To Get a Son

Diet For Conceiving A Boy

Switching to a diet for conceiving a boy can increase your chances of having a male baby, although it can’t guarantee your baby gender as it’s not exactly the most precise gender determination method.

Still, the foods recommended below have been recommended by lots of women who incorporated these products in their diets and managed to have baby boys after giving birth to girls.

Science shows ingredients in foods can influence the way one’s body works and thus can have a great impact on the baby’s gender, so if you want to increase the odds of having a male baby, why not starting to eat more foods to conceive a boy?


Diet For Conceiving A Boy: Loaded In Calories

A diet for conceiving a boy needs to take into consideration the caloric content of the foods you eat, as statistics show women who are overweight or just have some extra pounds are more likely to give birth to baby boys.

While we don’t encourage you to overeat and gain unhealthy weight, we do recommend adding a few extra calories to your daily menu, as this will create a better nourished internal environment and will increase the odds of having a male baby.

As the authors of ‘What to Expect Before You’re Expecting’ show, diets poor in calories are linked with baby girl conception, while women who eat lots of peanut butter, energy bars, high energy foods and cereals for breakfast are more likely to have baby boys.

So go on and add some more healthy foods to your daily menu!


Foods To Conceive A Boy: Choose Pickles


Pickles shouldn’t miss from your diet to get pregnant with a baby boy, as these foods are known to favor the survival or male sperm, helping the cells carrying the Y-chromosomes to reach the ovules and fertilize them.

But how comes pickles are recommended for male baby conception? They contain high amounts of sodium, one of the minerals that are the most recommended to women who want to have baby boys, as it changes the body’s pH and reduces the chances for female sperm to survive inside the reproductive tract.

In the previously mentioned book, the authors suggest adding a few pickles to your daily menu if you’re planning to get pregnant with a male baby, but don’t overeat these foods as the high content of sodium can lead to water retention, which is undesirable.


Foods To Eat To Get A Baby Boy: Apples


Another category of foods that should be added to your personalized list of what to eat to have a baby boy is represented by fruits, and more specifically, by apples.

These healthy snacks are loaded with vitamin C, A and B and provide important amounts of potassium: 100 grams of apples contain 159
mg of potassium, so it’s quite obvious why these fruits are recommended for male baby conception.

Poor in calories, apples are excellent replacements for unhealthy snacks and they’re sweet enough to curb cravings for sweets.

Also, they’re great for strengthening your immunity and enhancing your overall health, so make sure to add an apple to your daily menu in order to take advantage of its health benefits and increase the odds of having a male baby.


What To Eat To Have A Baby Boy: Avocado


Still wondering what to eat to get a baby boy? How about avocado, the fruit that’s poor in calories, rich in good fats and loaded with vitamins and minerals? Not to mention it provides no less than 757 mg of potassium per 150

This mineral, as you probably know already, it’s the best when it comes to male baby conception, as it creates an internal environment that’s friendlier to male sperm and gives little survival chances to female sperm cells.

1 cup of avocado eaten daily will provide you with enough potassium to increase the odds of having a male baby and most importantly, will also provide your body with vitamin A, B and C, nourishing the organism in an excellent way.


Diet To Get Pregnant With A Baby Boy: Rich In Meat

Eating meat is recommended to women trying to have a baby boy as it provides sodium, potassium, zinc, vitamin B12 and B6, all these micronutrients being necessary for boosting the chances of having a male baby.

But what type of meat should be on your list of foods to conceive a boy?

According to statistics, steak is excellent for male baby conception, as it contains high amounts of the previously mentioned minerals and vitamins.

But keep in mind that meat is also acidic, which means it turns the pH of your bodily fluids and membranes into a more acidic one.

This can cause you digestive discomfort but most importantly for our current topic, can compromise the chances of male sperm survival, when meat is eaten in too high amounts.


What To Eat To Get A Baby Boy: Broccoli


Moving on with our list on what to eat to conceive a boy: broccoli is an excellent addition to your diet if you’re searching for the best foods to increase your chances of having a male baby.

This vegetable, poor in calories but very rich in antioxidants, strengthens your immunity, lowering the risk of developing health issues and improving your fertility.

Also, it contributes to creating an alkaline environment by changing your bodily fluids’ pH and the alkalinity of your vaginal tract.

Male sperm survives better in alkaline environments while female sperm is more likely to survive and fertilize the eggs in acidic environments.

So if you’re planning to conceive baby boys, you should switch to alkaline foods like broccoli and eat them as often as possible.


What To Eat To Conceive A Boy: Higher Amounts Of Tomatoes


Our last suggestions for those of you searching for foods to eat to get a baby boy are tomatoes.

These veggies are rich in vitamin E, A and B, as well as in potassium, 100 grams of tomatoes providing 237 mg of this mineral.

Also, they contain sodium, which is another mineral recommended to women trying to have male babies.

Thus, if you’re wondering what foods to include in your diet for conceiving a boy, tomatoes can be a very smart choice.

Not to mention they’re poor in calories so you can eat them with foods that are richer in calories, such as meat dishes.