Best Way To Conceive A Boy – 7 Effective Methods

Best Way To Conceive A BoyMany couples trying to have babies ask themselves whether the child’s gender can really be influenced through external methods only and they try to find out which is the best way to conceive a boy or a girl, depending on their preferences.

There are lots of ideas, suggestions and testimonials available online, some of them recommending certain foods while others talk about the best time to conceive a boy. However, not all these theories are sustained by scientific proofs, so if you want to really increase your chances of having a male baby, you should pay more attention to those recommendations that have some solid arguments behind them.

Best Way To Conceive A Boy: The Tight Grip


Many people are convinced that their diet is the most important when it comes to having a boy or a girl, but the truth is that sex positions to conceive baby boy can be just as effective as the specific foods or herbal products recommended by scientists or couples who managed to have male babies.

The tight grip for example is considered an excellent sex position for conceiving a baby boy as it allows for deep penetration and male sperm can be placed nearer to the fallopian tubes and ovaries. As you know, after eggs are released from the ovaries, they travel through the fallopian tubes towards the uterus.

Thus, in order for fertilization to take place, sperm has to travel from the entry of the vagina towards the fallopian tubes. Male sperm travels faster but is more fragile, so in order for it to have greater chances to meet the ovules first, it has to be found nearer to the eggs.

Love Positions To Conceive Baby Boy: Legs Spread


While this doesn’t sound exactly romantic, it’s one of the best ways to increase your chances of having a male baby, so if you’re looking for quick, enjoyable and all-natural solutions to how to make a boy baby, try positions that allow for the woman to lay on her back and keep her legs spread.

By adopting such positions, the sperm can be placed nearer to the ovaries and thus the cells carrying the male chromosomes can reach the ovules before the female sperm, as they travel faster. You can try variations of the positions that allow for deep penetration and for some romance, try to keep a slow peace.

How To Make A Boy Baby With Arginine Supplements


According to scientists, arginine, which is a natural amino-acid found in foods like nuts, seeds, almonds, pecans and other similar products, is a very good choice for women wondering how to get pregnant with a boy.

Thus, if you’re searching for the best way to conceive a boy, you should consider starting to take some arginine supplements or incorporating more foods that contain this ingredient, in your daily menu. Such foods include whole grains, nuts, spinach and lentils, red meat, seafood and soy. All these can help your body get ready for having a baby boy while decreasing the chances of having a girl.

How To Conceive A Boy Naturally With L-Carnitine


Just like arginine, L-carnitine can also be used as a natural ally for increasing the chances to having a male, so if you’re wondering how to get a baby boy, you should either take L-carnitine supplements or try to eat more foods that contain this amino-acid. As studies have shown, a diet that’s poor in l-carnitine is more likely to cause fertility problems in men and to decrease the male sperm count and quality.

It’s therefore recommended for both the man and woman to increase their daily dose of L-carnitine if they plan to conceive a baby boy. Chicken, pork and beef, dairy products, fish, peanut butter, asparagus and avocado are all good and healthy sources of L-carnitine that you should consider including in your daily menu.

How To Have A Baby Boy With Folic Acid


While it’s well known that women should consume more folic acid when trying to get pregnant, it’s also true that taking supplements of folic acid increases the male sperm count and improves the quality of sperm carrying the Y chromosomes, so if you’re wondering how to conceive a baby boy naturally, you should try this method too!

Studies suggest that men who have fertility problems or produce unhealthy sperm have lower levels of B-vitamins in general and folic acid in particular. Also, according to scientists, supplementing the daily intake of this micronutrient with 400 milligrams seems to increase the Y sperm quality and to ensure a vaginal environment that’s friendlier to male sperm.

How To Get A Baby Boy By Limiting Alcohol Intake


Although women are usually advised not to drink alcoholic beverages when trying to conceive, this recommendation is not for them only. As studies show, men who consume alcoholic beverages on a regular basis are less likely to have boys, so if you’re looking for solutions to how to have a baby boy, you should limit the alcohol intake.

Whether it’s wine, liquor or beer, these beverages reduce the levels of testosterone and thus make sperm less powerful. Moreover, alcoholic beverages, when consumed too often and in high amounts, can lead to ejaculation problems, so again the chances of having a baby are decreased.

It’s therefore recommended to stick with occasional drinks and cut out or cut back on alcohol in the periods when you have intercourse with the precise purpose of conceiving a male baby.

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy With Antioxidants

Last but not the least recommendation for those of you wondering what is the best way to conceive a boy, is to eat more foods that are known to have antioxidant effects because these foods increase the motility of sperm molecules.

Also, foods with antioxidant effects and herbal supplements that act like natural antioxidants prevent sperm defects and increase the quality and count of the fragile male sperm. Orange juice or other natural beverages rich in vitamin C are excellent immunity boosters and sources of antioxidants.

So if you want to try this method, try to drink one glass of orange juice per day or to take 124 mg of herbal or dietary supplement containing vitamin C, as these doses are enough for increasing the chances of having a male baby.