Best Time To Get Pregnant With A Boy – 7 Simple Tricks

Best Time To Get Pregnant With A Boy

Identifying the best time to get pregnant with a boy may not seem that important for some of you, but scheduling your intimate contacts can actually increase your chances to select your baby’s gender very much, since it ensures that male sperm cells will be found inside your body when the egg is released.

It’s therefore recommended to women wondering how to get pregnant fast with a boy to learn how to recognize changes in their bodies, that signal the ovulation process, as well as how to identify their most fertile days, as this way they’ll be able to boost their chances of getting pregnant with either a boy or a girl.


Best Time To Get Pregnant With A Boy: Summer

This isn’t exactly a scientific theory and it can’t be proved trough scientific facts, but statistical data shows summer is the best time to get pregnant with a boy.

Most probably, this happens because male sperm survives better in hotter environments, and during summer you’re more likely to have a slightly higher body temperature than in other seasons.

Surely, the diet, sex positions and ovulation charts are also good methods for determining your baby’s gender.

If you’re willing to try all potential natural solutions for increasing the odds of having a male baby, it’s surely a good idea to have intercourse more frequently during summer days.

Or you can simply increase the room temperature or wear some tight clothing before having intimate contact as this will also help in creating an environment that’s friendlier to male sperm.


How To Choose The Moment When To Conceive A Boy

The most appropriate moment when you can conceive a boy is during your ovulation, but some scientists say even more important than this is the position you adopt, as the depth of the penetration increases the chances to select your baby’s gender naturally.

Positions that allow your partner to place sperm nearer to the ovaries and fallopian tubes are more likely to lead to the conception of male babies, as male sperm cells can reach the egg easier and fertilize it.

So instead of wondering which the best moment is, just make sure to opt for those positions that can boost the odds of having a boy and to enjoy the attempts.


How To Get Pregnant
With A Baby Boy By Watching Outdoor Temperature

Another method suggested to women wondering how to conceive a boy naturally is to watch the outdoor temperature, as crazy as it sounds.

We already said summer is the best for boy baby making, exactly due to the increased temperatures, but if you live in an area where temperatures are lower, make sure to have intercourse during the hottest days.

Male sperm cells don’t like low temperatures but they survive a lot better in warmer environments, the temperature around 12 degrees C or 55 degrees F being considered ideal for conceiving a male baby, according to statistical data.


How To Conceive A Boy Naturally By Eating Almonds


Another good option for women wondering how to get pregnant with a baby boy is to add almonds to their diet, as these are rich in vitamin E and C and very effective is enhancing fertility.
Also, almonds ensure a better nourished internal environment, supporting the survival and traveling of male sperm towards the egg and the fertilization process and increasing the odds of getting pregnant with a male baby.

Cells carrying the Y chromosomes only rarely survive in poorly nourished environments, so if you’re underweight you’re more likely to have a female baby.

Besides almonds, you can also add broccoli, strawberries, potato skin, lemons and liver to your menu, as these favor the conception of boys.


How To Have A Baby Boy With Zinc Supplements


Besides using the best days to conceive a boy and scheduling intercourse to be synchronized with your ovulation period, it’s also recommended to take some zinc supplements and increase the intake of potassium and sodium, as these minerals are the most recommended for baby male conception.

Zinc is a great health enhancer and booster for your immune and reproductive systems, and in men it has been proven to enhance the quality and sperm count

So both you and your partner should try to add foods richer in zinc to your diet or to take it in the form of supplements.

Best natural sources of this micronutrient are beans, nuts, poultry, seeds and red meat.

As for supplements, make sure not to exceed the recommended daily dose, as overdoses may lead to minor but unpleasant side effects.


How To Conceive A Boy Naturally Using A Birth Chart

Perhaps you never heard of birth charts before but Chinese medicine uses such charts for determining the best time to conceive a boy

What is a birth chart? Basically, a method that predicts the most recommended months and days for a woman to have boys or girls, based on the Chinese lunar age and moon.

Sounds and it is indeed complicated to determine these days by yourself so it’s better to just search for a chart and schedule your intimate relationships based on those recommendations.

Although there’s no scientific data to support this method, Chinese use it for over 700 years and it’s claimed to be very effective, so why not give it a try?’


Best Days To Conceive A Boy: During Ovulation

Last on our list of tips for women interested in conceiving male babies is the recommendation regarding the best time to get pregnant with a boy.

This method is based on scientific proofs and it says ovulation days or the most fertile days of a woman are the best for having baby boys, as this is when the male sperm cells have the best chances to reach the ovule before the female sperm.

For male babies, you should have intercourse 1-2 days before ovulation or during it, while for female babies, the best moments are 3-4 days before the release of the egg, and then 2-3 days after this.